module 3

Applied phase 2: Creating your own innovations

Introduction and content

Welcome to Module 3 of our comprehensive course program, which is the final phase of your learning journey. Throughout this module, you will have the opportunity to apply the theories, frameworks, and strategies learned thus far to conceptualize, develop, and execute your own innovative ideas. Working in a team and guided by experienced mentors and industry experts, you will navigate the complexities of bringing your innovations to life, from ideation to market launch. Get ready to unleash your creativity, challenge conventions, and progress on the path of further developing innovative ideas in these courses that had carefully been designed and developed within the scope of the project Challenger by professionals from prestigious VET providers.

In Module 3, you can expect an enriching experience tailored to bring your entrepreneurial journey forward. Throughout this phase, you will experience a series of courses designed to equip you with the essential tools and strategies needed to turn your own innovative ideas into successful ventures. Prepare to crafting a robust business model canvas and plan, providing you with a solid framework for strategic decision-making and resource allocation. Additionally, you will explore the vital role of ethical and sustainable considerations in innovation, ensuring that your ventures are not only profitable but also socially responsible. Gain invaluable insights into understanding your target market, conducting comprehensive SWOT and PESTEL analyses to identify opportunities and mitigate risks effectively. Moreover, you will delve into the complexities of intellectual property and innovation, safeguarding your ideas and inventions in a competitive market landscape. Furthermore, learn the essentials of market entry strategies and develop proficiency in marketing and branding techniques to effectively position your ventures for success.

Building upon the foundational knowledge acquired in module 1 and the practical skills made in module 2, this phase marks a significant transition as you will be developing your own innovative ventures.

These courses are offered for free. If you registered for participation and handed in the group assignments to your tutor/role model, you will receive a confirmation of participation in the form of a digital badge. After completion of all courses of the module, you will receive an innovation certificate that will prove your experience and gained know-how.

Target Groups

General aim of these courses

In module 3, you’ll explore courses covering critical aspects such as business model development, ethical and sustainable considerations in the innovation process, market analysis, intellectual property protection, market entry strategies, and marketing branding, equipping you with the skills needed to launch your innovative ventures with confidence.

Module Specific Objectives:

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