Kick Off – 1st International Partner Workshop


Project Challenger - Kick-off meeting, January 2023

Kick Off – 1st International Partner Workshop, Kranj (Slovenia), 18th – 20th January 2023

At School Centre Kranj, as the leading partner of the CHALLENGER project, we organized a Kick-Off meeting – the 1st International Partner Workshop of the CHALLENGER project from 18th to 20th January 2023. We hosted project partners from Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Denmark, and Sweden. The Slovenian partnership of the CHALLENGER project consists of a consortium of partners from School Centers Nova Gorica, Velenje, Celje, and Kranj, the Ministry of Education and Business Solutions d.o.o. from Solkan.

During the Kick Off meeting, project partners established the starting point for the CHALLENGER project, whose main aim is to establish conditions for the effective integration of applied research into VET, develop training modules for teachers/mentors as well as users of so-called “Makerspaces”, establish and pilot 6 next-generation Makerspaces (4 in Slovenia, 1 in Austria, and 1 in Sweden), and collaborate with local communities and businesses to seek innovative solutions for the sustainable development of local environments.

Project Challenger - Kick-off meeting, January 2023

It was our first meeting in person, so we used the first part of the meeting for introduction – between partners, with the host organisation, with the project Challenger.
After the Ice breaking challenges, we were invited by Adrijana Hodak (project idea & concept founder, ŠC Nova Gorica) to see the short film titled “Together we will be able to do so much more than if we do it alone“. We were challenged to brainstorm on sentence to represent the project, Challenger:
• We need the fuel to inspire for the Next generation to rise up and generate the solutions.
• Setting the enabling environment to invite the private sector.
• Together, we can do so much more than if we do it alone.
• People work together to solve challenges in society for a sustainable and green world.
• We are going to desperately need the Next generation.

Project Challenger - Kick-off meeting, January 2023

The activity was an introduction to the presentation of Adrijana Hodak: “Hart of Challenger”. guided us firstly through the main definitions and practical examples that are globally and EU-recognized related to the project concepts: Innovation – Applied Research – Challenge – Community, etc. Adrijana Hodak then brought us deeper into the Project structure, and she presented the interconnections between the WPs Aims & Objectives & Activities & Deliverables.

Project Challenger - Kick-off meeting, January 2023

All leaders of WPs presented their fields:
• WP 2 – Global best practice research, WP Lead Beneficiary: DTI – Danish Technological Institute
• WP 3 – Community Innovation journey to future impact, WP Lead Beneficiary: FH Joanneum Gesellschaft MBH
• WP 4 – Role models for innovation climate and culture, WP Lead Beneficiary: Curt Nicolin Gymnasiet
• WP 5 – Sprint piloting, WP Lead Beneficiary: School centre Nova Gorica

ŠC Kranj team prepared a presentation of good practices in the field of “makerspace”:
• we listened to the presentation of the project Green Penguin
Representatives from ISKRAEMECO d.d.presented the Green Penguin project, co-financed by Norway Grant call and the GODC, where the Green Penguin partnership will, in cooperation with local schools, parents and citizens, create the Green Penguin Platform & Application on how to reduce their emissions by using fewer resources.
• visited Kovačnica.
A representative from Kovačnica presented us with the Aim & Purpose of Kovačnica, and we took a small tour within the Kovačnica building, where the Coworking places and Thematic Labs are for supporting young entrepreneurs.

Project Challenger - Kick-off meeting, January 2023

• had a presentation tour, “The path towards Next Generation “Makerspace”, School Centre Kranj«
A student from the Secondary Technical School of School Centre Kranj presented us with a short Film on High School students’ Final Thesis innovations (electric skateboard, robotic “Hand” for Pancakes making, Electric Surf, Desk, Smart Climbing Wall, etc.). Student guided us through the School Centre Kranj Laboratories & Workshops& Fab Labs.

Project Challenger - Kick-off meeting, January 2023

On the last day we talked about project management issues, dissemination and promotion.

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